Wisconsin Native Business Plan Pitch Contest

Calling all Wisconsin Native Entrepreneurs, show us your best pitch

The Wisconsin Native Business Plan Pitch Contest is open to ALL NATIVE AMERICAN ENTREPRENEURS in the state of Wisconsin.  The Business Plan Pitch Contest is free to join, there is no cost to participate.   We are providing two $5,000 awards to the winners of the pitch contest, as long as they meet the requiements.  The requirements are very simple, see below.

Requirements to Participate:

  1.  Native American in the state of Wisconsin
  2.  Register Online for the Contest
  3.  Participate in the Business Planning and “Pitch Anything” Workshop
  4.  Show us your stuff in person on June 21 in Keshena Wisconsin

That’s it!  Our workshops are designed  to help you gain clarity of your business idea, structure the idea into a comprehensive business plan, then teach you how to craft a pitch for the contest.


Wisconsin Native Business Plan Pitch Contest

Business Plan Piitch Contest

In collaboration with First Nations Community Financial, SCORE, and Native American Tourism of Wisconsin, we bring to you the 2023 Business Plan Pitch Contest. The purpose is to help aspiring Native American Entrepreneurs in Wisconsin kickstart through entrepreneuerial journey with up-front support, guidance, mentoring, and technical assistance through a series of workshops around the 10-Step Business Planning Guide and the Pitch Anything S.T.R.O.N.G. framework. These workshops will help prepare you to start writing your winning business plan as you look to secure funding, pitch to investors, or potential business partners. Are you ready to pitch your best stuff for the chance at $5,000?

    10-Step Business Planning Guide

    ​This is the guide that we’ll use to help us write, and craft our business plan to ensure that we’re putting our ideas down on paper in a format that will be acceptable for funding sources, investors and potential business partners.

    All of our workshops will cover the 10 essential steps to completing a concise and winning business plan. All of our workshops will focus on helping you hash out he details surrounding planning of your marketing, management, operations, financials, etc. The workshops go section by section to ensure that you finish the workshop with a completed business plan draft you can continue to improve before the competition.

    The “Pitch Anything” Framework

    Pitch Anything is an in-depth outline of how you can produce top-quality pitches that will ensure investment. The Pitch Anything method can be applied to a wide range of situations, such as negotiating a higher salary or selling a big idea. The Pitch Anything framework is more than just a structure a presentation, it is a science. Neuroeconomics, combined with the author’s experiences, provides the foundation of this scientific theory. The author claims that his theory of pitching will lead to complete control of your entire pitching process. One great pitch can change your life, and Pitch Anything suggests it can help anybody produce great pitches. Join us in a Pitch Anything Workshop to help you prepare for your Business Plan Pitch Competition.

    The Awards for Winning Pitches

    First Nations Community Financial will be providing two (2) $5,000 Awards to those who have the highest scores in the Business Plan Pitch Competition. The judges will review your business, as it is a requirement to enter the competition. They will then, in real-time, score your pitch as you present and as it aligns with the business plan you had written and submitted for the competition. Members from First Nations Community Financial, SCORE, and Native American Tourism of Wisconsin will be on hand to judge the pitches and score the best presentations. At the end, two $5,000 awards will be issued to the winners of the competition. So, get registere for the competition, prepare to attend at least 2 workshops in your community hosted by First Nations Community Financial – and let’s get your best pitch forward.

    Competition Date and Winners

    The Business Plan Pitch Contest will be held at the Native American Tourism of Wisconsin Annual Conference on June 20-22, 2023 in Keshena Wisconsin.  NATOW has provided First Nations Community Financial with a breakout room to hold shark-tank style presentation and pitches for the $5,000 prizes. All participants will be provided an opportunity for equal time, advanced notice of venue, location, pitch time, parking, lodging and amaneities to name a few. We’ll do our best to make sure this is a fun and engaging learning opportunity for everyone involved. Our goal is to help prepare as many Wisconsin Native Entrepreneurs as possible for business ownership and exploring their entrepreneurial horizons.

    We look forward to working with you in the upcoming months.

    First Nations Community Financial is a state chartered not-for-profit Native Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI)

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