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One-on-one credit counseling

First Nation Community Financial Staff are available everyday to provide one-on-one credit counseling. This service is provided by accessing a recent credit report. If not, FNCF can purchase one on your behalf for a $10 fee. This pays the amount FNCF uses the service per unit. FNCF Staff can comb through the report and provide clients with the nitty-gritty and how to get back on track with a financial plan when needed.

Financial Skills Workshops

First Nations Community Financial has three financial skills workshops it can provide to all programs, groups or departments.

  1. Successful You
  2. Setting Up Good
  3. Youth and Finance

Each one has a cultural component with teachings that incorporate language, values, and seasonal application. Currently FNCF works with the Community Collaboration Action Team for the Financial Frenzy Meets Game of Life.

Talk to one of our staff and we can detail games with any type of curriculum. Yes, we are that good. Our main focus is to get people to understand their finances and not to waste money on frivolous ideas anymore. This take into account how to prioritize and plan for all money coming in and going out in a monthly budget.

Investing Workshops

Although FNCF Staff are not certified to provide information to invest, we can provide technical assistance on how to assess risk and reward. We can interview clients for types of investing they would like to do and provide a basic understanding through the investment game what challenges affect decisions with life long planning. FNCF uses a model based on “Saving for the Future” and where people want to be with their finances considering their present ages.

Small Business Planning

First Nations Community Financial offers a commercial loan. FNCF assists new business owners with support in technical assistance. This can start from developing a business plan, planning for an LLC, or setting up an accounting system for the business once it starts running. FNCF can assist with market research and how to obtain tools and data where your business will be located. FNCF can also assist with other agencies that provide small business development tools as well.

First Nations Community Financial is a state chartered not-for-profit Native Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI)

Upcoming Events
  • First Nations Community Financial Board Meeting May 12th
  • Ho-Chunk Nation Parent Fair at TOB Black River Falls, WI May 14th
  • Wisconsin Indian Business Alliance May 18th, 2016 at 2:00 p.m.
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